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72 Development of a simple visitor management app for GOSH DRIVE
  1. Chao Ding1,
  2. Benjamin Smith1,
  3. Daiana Bassi2,
  4. Sue Conner2,
  5. Yun Fu1,
  6. Dean Mohamedally1,
  7. Gemma Molyneux2,
  8. Graham Roberts1,
  9. Neil Sebire2
  1. 1UCL
  2. 2GOSH


Introduction GOSH DRIVE is a flexible workspace often used for events such as seminars, workshops and hackathons. Currently visitor management is completed using physical records. It would be beneficial if this process could be digitised. The goal of this visitor management app is to increase the efficiency of the sign in procedure for visitors.

Method As part of a joint collaboration between GOSH and UCL computer science (CS) through the industry exchange network programme, CS students devised a platform for easy tracking of visitors to a specific area, using GOSH DRIVE as a model. The application employs a 3-tier, presentation, logic and data, software architecture pattern. The presentation tier consists of a mobile application and web app. The mobile application was developed in Ionic4, an open source, cross-platform toolkit for developing mobile apps that uses standard web technologies; HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The web app make use of Bootstrap to create fully responsive web pages. The logic tier containing the application’s functional business logic was built in Express.js and consists of the RESTful APIs used to access the data. The data tier comprises of a MySQL database to store events details, status and booked visitors, visitor details and visitors currently signed in.

Results The app for visitors to sign in and out of the building, alongside the web based admin panel allows staff members to view, modify or export the data from the database. The app and web based user interface give the staff at DRIVE an easier way of accessing and manipulating data from events. The app also has the capacity to generate a register of all persons in the building in case of emergency evacuations.

Conclusion The app and website developed facilitates visitor management and could be used in other parts of the trust to replace physical records.

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