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67 Simulation for the unregistered workforce
  1. Alice Sutcliffe,
  2. Jesse Manget
  1. GOSH


Introduction Throughout Great Ormond Street Hospital, we have a skilled group of healthcare assistants who provide expert care to patients across all specialities. The Shape of Caring Review (2015) highlighted the need for educational investment in this unregistered workforce. As the Talent for Care team, we have a passion for educating Healthcare Support Workers (HCSWs) to ensure that they are providing the best evidence based practice. As part of our HCSW Apprenticeship, we deliver two speciality simulation days, focusing on clinically relevant scenarios.

Method Drawing on learning from their apprenticeship speciality focused study days, the simulation is designed to link theory to practice. This helps to consolidate the HCSW’s knowledge in a safe learning environment. We facilitate a range of scenarios aiming to give a real life experience where mistakes can be learned from without impacting actual patient safety (MaGaghie et al. 2010). We use various technologies to ensure an authentic experience alongside several pre-planned scenarios, aimed to challenge our learners with their A-E assessment and communication skills.

Simulation debrief with the candidates allows us to explore the concept of human factors and non-technical skills which can impact on performance (Garden et al. 2015). This links back to teaching they receive earlier on in the Apprenticeship programme.

Conclusion In conclusion, simulation forms an integral part of our HCSW Apprenticeship. The days evaluate very highly with learners, and we also observe an improvement in clinical practice. For example, one HCSW recently commented how a simulation scenario had enabled her to contribute to an emergency situation on the ward with more confidence and ability. This demonstrates consistent moderate effects for patient related outcomes; connecting knowledge, skills and behaviours into daily practice (Cook et al. 2011).

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