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59 Creating play spaces within a clinical research facility- the role of the research health play specialist
  1. Sian spencer-little
  1. Great Ormond Street Hospital- NIHR Clinical Research Facility


The role of specialised play within healthcare and clinical research has developed and evolved over the last 10 years, and with that is the emerging and specialised role of the Health Play Specialist, to support an everchanging client base1

Children, young people and their families share their views via discussions, and collaborative work around the importance of adapting clinical spaces, that reduce stress and anxiety, and minimise traumatic impact, that offer techniques and play to understand procedures, and gives them a voice to tell us #whatmatterstous

The commitment and involvement it requires from them to be part of clinical trials is vast, and we ask a great deal of them in terms of time and energy.

Opportunities to play, to explore, to attend school, be at home and social times with peers is interrupted and access to an adaptable space and resources is limited.

The creation of a play space within a clinical research setting has many layers and impacts the MDT team in different ways.

Fundamentally children and young people have a right to access play and recreation.2

How can we deliver a positive hospital experience within a CRF setting?

Can we establish and share an evolving play environment?

Do we wonder how this can reflect on a child or young persons life?

Listening to narratives from children, young people and their families has an impact on the service we deliver3

Our poster details the everchanging use of a play space within the NIHR CRF at Great Ormond Street, the role of the Research Health Play Specialist, and the impact it has first hand for our families, children and young people.

We share 2 case studies, parental views, and how this shapes the future.

References will be provided (1,2,3)

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