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P615 Parents’ opinion on vaccination
  1. Bella Matsukatova,
  2. Zarnigar Gumbatova,
  3. Alfia Aminova,
  4. Tatyana Eryushova,
  5. Galina Borodina,
  6. Anna Procenko,
  7. Anastasia Platonova
  1. Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Sechenov University), Moscow, Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Federation


Background The objective was to assess modern parents’ attitude and the degree of their awareness of vaccination issues using a specially designed questionnaire. The vaccination issues are receiving close attention as scientists so medical practitioners. To study of the reasons for the rejection of vaccination has become particularly relevant in recent decades due to the anti-vaccination movement and outbreak in some countries.

Materials and methods The anonymous survey of 360 parents aged from 19 to 40 years old who were taking care of their children undergoing inpatient treatment was carried out. The selection of respondents was carried out by a random, continuous method. The questionnaire contained 34 questions with suggested answers to questions regarding parents’ awareness and their attitude towards vaccinations in general.

Results The survey findings showed that 78,3% children were partly or fully vaccinated, whereas 21,7% children were not vaccinated. A total of 79% of parents believe that vaccination is the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases. The majority of parents (80%) understand that vaccinated children are less likely to develop severe illness than those who have not been vaccinated. More than half of respondents (60%) are not satisfied the quantity with quality of information about vaccinations obtained from the doctor.

Conclusion The findings suggest that the majority of parents have a generally positive attitude toward vaccination and consider it necessary. However, respondents showed insufficient awareness of vaccination problems. Therefore, educational events should be planned and new methods of work should be developed to raise awareness about vaccination among parents.

  • questionnaire
  • vaccination
  • compliance
  • adherence

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