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P611 The therapy and monitoring of effects in infants with sideropenia anemia
  1. Nada Tadic1,
  2. Vesna Ivancevic1,
  3. Jadranka Tripovic2
  1. 1Medical Center, Budva, Montenegro
  2. 2General Hospita, Kotor, Montenegro


Introduction Anemia affects more than 42% of childern under the age of five in developing countries, most often between the ages of 6 to 24 months. According to a study conducted by UNICEF, as of 2000, sideropenia anemia has affetced 46% of children between the ages of six to 11 months in Montenegro. Even though there are numerous factors connected to anemia, the most common cause is the lack of iron in diet.

Goal Establishing successful therapies for infants with sideropenia anemia.

Materials and methods The use of medical files and blood results of children born between 2014–2017 who were treated at the Medical Center in Budva.

Results Of the 215 children examined, 70% of them showed to have Hemoglobin levels lower than 110gl. We divided the children into three seperate groups; the first which consisted of altering the child’s diet, the second which were prescribed ‘Legofer’ and the third group in which children were prescribed ‘Ferum.’ All three groups contained children whose Hemoglobin was between 95–109 gl and ranged in age from 4–12 months. After the first month of therapy, the Hemoglobin levels increased by 3% in the firwst group and by 5% in the other two groups. After three months of therapy, the levels increased by 10% for all three groups.

Conclusion Results show that in infants with lower levels of Hemoglobin a proper diet has the same theraputic effect as medication. It is improtant to note that a proper diet rich in iron and the absence of cow milk before the age of 12 months are crucial in the prevention of sideropenia anemia and treatment of lighter cases in infants.

  • anemia
  • therapy
  • children

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