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P540 Outcomes of giving the herbal based medicine Tonsilgon H to pre-school children with adeno-tonsil pathology


Aim To study the efficiency and safety of the herbal preparation Tonsilgon H in clinical experience in pre-school children with adeno-tonsil pathology.

Materials and methods Within the period between 2013–2017 1876 children (2–5 years old), with nasopharyngeal and palatal tonsils pathology in case history, suffering recurrent respiratory infections were observed. The average age of the observed was 3,54 ± 2,81 years old. The pre-schoolers of the core group (n=940) were given the herbal preparation Tonsilgon H in the form of drops dosed according to the age, Following the instructions during 30 days. The control group were made up from 936 children. The efficiency and safety of the medicine were analyzed before and after the course.

Outcomes A year before the course of treatment started 72.3% of children in the core group and 74.8% in the control group were suffering from nasopharyngeal tonsil hypertrophia 2 stage accompanied by adenoiditis (p = 0.2296). In a year’s time after rehabilitation treatment only 31.6% of patients in the core group didn’t show clinical performance improvement (p = 0.000). By the end of the research 64.6% of patients given the herbal preparation, proved reactivated nasal breathing (p = 0.001); 58.3% of patients shew adenoiditis symptoms almost compensated (p = 0.000); 86.5% proved the nasopharyngeal tonsil reduced from 2 to 1 stage (p = 0.000); 78.9% shew rhinoscopic picture normalized (p = 0.000); endoscopic check proved palatal tonsils size reduction in 65.8% пациентов (p = 0.000); 29.2% didn’t even mention throat discomfort and irritation (p = 0.000); only 2.8% of children complained about swallow difficulties (p = 0.000). The severity of nasopharyngeal and palatal tonsils hypertrophia in children not given the herbal preparation didn’t change and even increased up to 83.6%. What’s more, the research proved the decrease in frequency of recurrent respiratory infections from 5–9 times a year to 2–3 times a year in 77.9% of children in the core group, as well as shortening the period of acute respiratory infections symptoms by 3 days, compared to previous cases (p = 0.000).

Conclusion The research outcomes proved the efficiency and tolerability of the herbal preparation of combined effect Tonsilgon H. Prospective observation of children given the herbal preparation as a rehabilitation remedy proved its effective influence on respiratory tract immunity formation. The obtained data allow us to recommend including the preparation Tonsilgon H into programs for immunity rehabilitation and prevention of adeno-tonsil pathology recrudescence in children from 1 year old.

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