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P160 Safety climate survey – are we getting better?
  1. Sanjeev Kamath,
  2. Ahmed Khan
  1. Daisy Hill Hospital, SHSCT, Newry, UK


Background Organisations working towards a culture of safety need a reliable measure to monitor the success of their initiatives. A Safety Climate Survey was carried out during September 2017 in the Paediatric ward at Daisy Hill Hospital, as part of the S.A.F.E. (Safety Awareness for Everyone) initiative. A number of quality and safety measures were undertaken over the last 18 months.

Aim To repeat the Safety Climate Survey and gauge safety culture in the department of Paediatrics at Daisy Hill Hospital (DHH).


  • RCPCH – Safety Climate Survey was used. This was previously used in 2017.

  • Survey was completed by multi–Disciplinary staff including all grades of medical & nursing team in the Paediatric department, DHH. Administrative support staff, medical students & health care assistants were also included.

  • An email was sent to all staff at the beginning of the survey.

  • Hard copies of survey sheets were given to staff over a period of 3 weeks during January 2019 with a central collection point in the children’s ward. A previous attempt in 2017 of digital surveys had a poor response.

  • Survey data analysed and compared with previous (2017) results.


  • Fifty (69%) completed survey forms received from a staff pool of 72.

  • Following table provides summary & comparative data:

Results• Results will be shared with staff


  • Safety climate survey can provide greater understanding of the organisational safety culture.

  • Improvements have been noticed in all domains. These results reiterated the prevailing safety culture in the department.

  • We plan to implement Senior Safety Walks and Safety Huddles to further improve openness.


  1. RCPCH Safety Survey;



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