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World-wide estimate of Suicidal ideation in 13-17 year olds

An estimate of the prevalence of suicidal ideation, suicide planning, and suicide attempts using data from Global School-based Student Health Survey of schoolchildren aged 13 to 17 years has highlighted some important geographical variation. [Uddin R et al. Lancet (Adolescent and Child Health) DOI:]. This is a large population-based study of 229, 129 adolescents (mean age 14·6 [SD 1·18] years), from 59 low-income and middle-income countries across six WHO regions collected between 2003 and 2015. Meta-analysis with random effects was used to focus on age based and gender based estimates.

The overall prevalence of suicidal ideation was 16·9% (95% CI 15·0–18·8), suicide planning was 17·0% (14·8–19·2), and suicide attempts was 17·0% (14·7–19·3) in the 12 months preceding survey completion. The African region had the highest prevalence of suicidal ideation (20·4%, 17·3–23·6) and suicide planning (23·7%, 19·1–28·3), and the western Pacific region had the highest prevalence of suicide attempts (20·5%, 14·3–26·7). Southeast Asia had the lowest prevalence of ideation (8·0%, 4·5–11·5), planning (9·9%, 5·0–14·8), and attempts (9·2%, 5·1–13·3). These lower levels are still significantly higher the 12 month prevalence reported in …

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