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P24 The correlation between asthma control test (ACT) and forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1) in children with atopic asthma
  1. Ana-Maria Moiceanu-Şov&acaron;rel1,
  2. Eugenia Buzoianu2,3,
  3. Varvara Toma2,3,
  4. Oana Vírban2,
  5. Vlad Pleşca4,
  6. Mariana Moiceanu2,
  7. Doina Anca Pleşca2,3
  1. 1Emergency Hospital Elias Bucharest, Romania- Allergology department
  2. 2‘Dr.Victor Gomoiu’ Children Hospital Bucharest, Romania
  3. 3University of Medicine and Pharmacy ‘Carol Davila’ Bucharest, Romania
  4. 4‘Dr. D. Hociota’ O.R.L. Hospital Bucharest, Romania


Introduction Controlled asthma is associated with a decreased risk of asthma exacerbation. A normal score in asthma control test (>19) indicate controlled asthma and low risk of exacerbation. Low FEV1 (<80%) is also a predictor of asthma exacerbations.

Aim to asses the correlation between ACT score and FEV1 value and by that to determine if ACT score is predictive for FEV1 value.

Method The prospective study was conducted in ‘Dr. Victor Gomoiu’ Children’s Hospital from January till December 2016. This study included 65 children aged 5 to 18 diagnosed with atopic asthma. In each patient asthma control test (ACT) was applied and FEV1 was measured using spirometry.

Results 32 of the patients had normal FEV1; out of these 23 were had ACT score>19 and 9 had ACT score≤19.

33 patients had low FEV1; out of these 15 had ACT score>19 and 18 had ACT score≤19.

Using Pearson Chi Square test to evaluate the correlation between ACT score and FEV1 we have obtained a p value<0.0307 (statistically significant).

Conclusion Asthma control test (ACT) is a subjective tool easy to apply in children with asthma and is correlated with FEV1 value. ACT score is predictive for FEV1 value.

  • asthma
  • asthma control test
  • spirometry;

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