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P13 The experience of influenza immunisation in children with allergic pathology
  1. Leila Namazova-Baranova,
  2. Tatyana Turti,
  3. Ekaterina Bokuchava,
  4. Marika Broeva,
  5. Olga Kulagina
  1. Scientific Centre of Children’s Health, Moscow, Russian Federation


Actuality The Influenza is a highly contagious viral infection, which may develops into severe inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract and other organs and systems. It caqn cause severe illness, and at times can lead to death. Children with chronic diseases, including allergic pathology, have a hard current of disease. Influenza in children with allergic diseases is often accompanied by the relapses of the disease, in patients with bronchial asthma proceeds with the development of attacks or complicated by pneumonia. The only reliable way of specific prevent of influenza is vaccination.

Objective to study the portability and effectiveness of immunisation against influenza by vaccines «Influvac» (Netherlands) and «Grippol plus» (Russia) in children with allergic diseases.

Materials and methods There were vaccinated 251 children and adolescents aged 3 to 17 years old with various allergic diseases. The group of comparison consisted of healthy children amounted to 80 people. There was analysed the portability of vaccination, the course of the main disease and frequency of acute respiratory infections during the year after immunisation. The specific immune response evaluated after the 1 and 6 months after vaccination.

Results Local reactions to vaccines were found in 18% in healthy and 23% of children with allergic pathology, general reactions – both in 14% of healthy children and children with allergies. All the reactions were of mild or moderate severity. Significant differences in tolerability of influenza vaccine in healthy children compared with children c allergic pathology was revealed. There have been no cases of relapses of chronic allergic process, associated with influenza vaccination. The frequency of episodes of acute respiratory infections and bronchial asthma in following after the vaccination season was significantly decreased in children immunised with «Grippol plus» (in 1,5 times, at 35%), and with «Influvac» (in 1,4 times, at 30%). The rise of specific antibodies revealed almost in 3 times while using both vaccines in 1 month after vaccination in children of both groups, and 6 months after their decline in the majority of children up to the benchmarks.

Conclusion Vaccination against influenza by vaccines of Russian and import production is safe and effective, doesn’t cause the relapses of allergic diseases and contributes to reduction of the acute respiratory infections in the season following vaccination.

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