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P12 Obesity as a contributing factor to hypertension in school kids
  1. N Tadić,
  2. V Ivančević
  1. Community Health Centre Budva, Montengro


Introdution Hypertension together with obesity in kids and adolescents is a significant health and social problem. The frequency of primary hypertension is a growing problem and at the same time we see an increasing number in obesity among kids. The risk of developing hypertension is three times more likely to happen in obese children in comparison to other children.

Purpose to analyse the presence of hypertension in higher school grade obese children.

Materials and methods we used health care records of children born between 2001 and 2002 in the municipality of Budva, Montenegro and who had a systematic checkup in the final grade of elementary school. The total number of children who did this checkup is 271 kids, of which 124 (45.7%) are boys and 147 (54.2%) girls. Based on the reference values of BMI, we were able to get a percentage of obese children (BMI>95 percentiles).For certain hypertensions we used systolic and diastolic pressure values which, when re-measured, were over 95 percentiles, in accordance to the sex and height of the child.

Results 16 (5.9%) of the children were obese, out of which 9 (3.3%) were girls and 7 (2.6%) were boys. Out of the total number of obese children, 10 (62.5%) had hypertension; 3 (18.75%) were girls and 7 (43.7%) were boys. Only one child had secondary hypertension.

Conclusion Obesity is a key factor in the occurrence of hypertension in children. Therefore, the fight against obesity should be focused on preventing it and as a result avoid many other illnesses for which we know that obesity is a key player.

  • children
  • obesity
  • hypertension

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