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P374 Enteral nutrition at extremely low birth weight newborn
  1. Aniko Manea1,
  2. Daniela Cioboata2,
  3. Florina Doandes2,
  4. Nicoleta Lungu2,
  5. Marioara Boia1
  1. 1University of Medicine and Pharmacy ‘Victor Babes’ Timisoara, Romania
  2. 2Clinical Emergency Hospital for Children ‘L.Turcanu’, Neonatology Department,Timisoara, Romania


Introduction The introduction of early enteral feeding at extremely low birth weight newborns has many advantages and should be started as soon as possible if a premature is clinically stable. Also is important to fortify human milk when feeding volume reaches 100 ml/kg/day.

Aims Authors aim to determine the effect of early trophic feeding on digestive tolerance improvement, and to determine the effect of formula milk compared with human breast milk on growth and development in preterm infants.

Material and method The study was carried out in the Premature and Neonatology Department on a group of 60 premature newborns with birth weight under 1000 grams (800–1000 grams) without severe asphyxia.

Results All the newborns received early trophic feeding associated with parenteral nutrition. Once premature receive exclusively enteral feeding the newborns in both groups (formula milk – group I, human breast milk with breast milk fortifier- group II) have received the same type of milk (breast milk or formula) and they were monitored for any evidence of digestive intolerance and the growth curves were followed. Body weight was measured at the same time each day.

Conclusions Implementing minimal enteral nutrition leads to several clinical benefits that include: increased postnatal growth and shorter hospitalisation period.

Enteral feeding with fortified human milk compared with enteral feeding with formula milk improved weight gain at premature in the studied lot.

  • premature newborn
  • enteral feeding

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