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P351 Management of paediatrics in children – identification, evaluation and assesstment – the best health system for bosnia and herzegovina
  1. Masala Almir,
  2. Konakovic Elmedin,
  3. Bajraktarevic Edisa,
  4. Omeragic Haris,
  5. Hasanbegovic Edo,
  6. Husic Fuad,
  7. Firdus Tiric Djana,
  8. Sporisevic Lutvo,
  9. Jatic Zaim,
  10. Mandic Sasa,
  11. Bajraktarevic Adnan
  1. Faculty for Sport University of Sarajevo 1*, Minisitry for Science and Education of Canton Sarajevo 2*, Minsitry of financy in Bosnia and Herzegovina 3*, Paeditrics Clinic Sarajevo 4*, Public Health Institution of Canton Sarajevo 5*


Introduction Management of paediatrics at the time of transition from a socialist system to liberal capitalism and the entry of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European Union requires the full seriousness and thorough scientific approach. Primary paediatrics that has its important place as in other developed western European countries.

Objective The purpose of the authors are to find the country’s best system of protection of preschool children as a preventive and curative.

Methods The authors analysed have different primary paediatric systems that exist in the European Union, USA, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, Australia and the UK, as well as the neighbouring countries of Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Results Serbian paediatric system proved unenforceable and much worse than in Bosnia, as well as in Montenegro and Macedonia. Croatia has something better than ours, but also weak and dysfunctional. Slovenia has shown that the best system is the primary paediatric based on the Austrian system and the payment or sharing medical records to the state to private, especially in paediatrics. A similar system is already used in the part of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Brcko District with great success and satisfaction and parents of children, including paediatricians and paediatric nurses. German and French system of family medicine has proven to be less acceptable to Bosnian conditions because he demanded corrections like the British or American system advisory paediatricians in primary care. Australia and Canada because of its vast space, do not have the specifics of the applicable systems of primary paediatric care to Bosnian conditions. The Swiss system has proven to be very good, as well as Japanese and Malesian.

Conclusion The system of paediatric care in primary care had and should contain elements of primarily Austrian and Swiss, but the Slovenian system that are most alike to Bosnian conditions, so we can only meet the needs of paediatrics as a complementary part of family medicine, but with a certain autonomy and independence.

  • Management
  • Paediatrics
  • Primary Care
  • System

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