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P344 Evaluation of vitamin d deficiency prevalance and efficiency of therapeutic intervention in cystic fibrosis paediatric patients
  1. Mirela Ritivoiu1,2,
  2. Daniela Valentina Comanici1,2,
  3. Ioana Florentina Codreanu1,2,
  4. Ana Maria Vasile1,
  5. Corina Delia1,
  6. Mihai Craiu1,2,
  7. Iustina Stan1,2
  1. 1National Institute for Mother and Child Health ‘Alessandrescu Rusescu’, Bucharest
  2. 2Univesity for Medicine and Pharmacy ‘Carol Davila’, Bucharest


Background and aims Current recommendation in managing CF patients regarding Vitamin D status ( 2005 European Consensus) are annually Vitamin D, Calcium and electrolytes identifications with prompt therapeutic intervention.

Methods 1 year retrospective Study with 68 children included (29 girls and 39 boys ) in which annual determination of Vitamin D was conducted. All children between 1 year and 18 years were included, with a medium age of 7.9 years. In patients with significant vitamin D deficiency identified treatment with high Vitamin D daily dose was established (btw. 2000-4000UI/d) and 6 Months close monitoring was conducted.

results: In 15% severe Vitamin D deficiency was identified (<20 nmol/L), moderate vitamin D deficiency ( values btw. 20–75 nmol/L) was found in 47% and normal Vitamin D levels were determined in 38% of included children. Recommended treatment with 6 months monitoring highlighted that 35% of the Vitamin D deficiency group did not recover the normal levels of Vitamin D despite correct initiated treatment.

Conclusions Vitamin D deficiency is frequent among cystic fibrosis patients, 15% of them having severe deficiency. Recovering the deficit should include, besides Vitamin D supplementing, interventions on all the other factors involved in absorption of Vitamin D in cystic fibrosis children.

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