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P316 Adjective assessment of factors impacting on bpd severity
  1. Kazakova K.A,
  2. Namazova-Baranova L.S,
  3. Davydova I.V,
  4. Kustova O.V,
  5. Akoev Y.S,
  6. Migaly A.V
  1. National Scientific/Practical Centre for Children’s Health, Moscow, Russia


Research objective: to evaluate the influence of the form, fetal age and weight on a birth date, comorbidity on the severity of the Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD), calculated in points due to the results of the Computer Tomography (CT) of the chest organs. Mild disease scored 1–5 points, moderately – 6–10 points and severely – 11–15 points. Examined 65 patients with BPD from 2 month old to 3 years included, who had points from 2,0 to 15,0, which is in average 8,2±0,35 points. Children with classic form of BPD (n=25) have total points certain more than the same for the children with the new form of BPD (n=40): 9,0±0,6 vs 7,7±0,4 points, p<0,05. Course of BPD for the children with the gestational age at the date of birth less than 28 weeks (n=39) was more hard than in the group of children with the gestational age 28–32 weeks (n=15): 9,0±0,4 vs 7,4±0,6 points, p<0,05. Course of BPD for the children with the weight status at the date of birth less than 1000g (n=34) was more hard (8,8±0,5 points) than for children with the weight status from 1000 to 1500g (n=17) (7,2±0,6 points), p<0, 05. Course of BPD for the children with coexisting Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) (n=13) was more hard than in the group without the disease (n=39): 9,6±0,9 vs 7,3±0,35 points, p<0,02. In the group of patients with BPD complicated by pulmonary hypertension (PH) (n=15) severe course of BPD was more frequent vs the group without PH (n=39) and was 9,8±0,8 points, p<0005. Separated analysis of the morbidity of BPD for the children with the classic and new form of the disease confirmed the links clinically defined for BPD in general. The morbidity of BPD was higher during the CT in the age before 6 month old in comparison with the morbidity defined for the children scan by CT after 2 years old. Conclusions: Have been discovered to date that moderate form of BPD dominates each for classic and new forms of BPD. Course of the classic for of BPD staying to be more severe. Factors which are making the course of BPD more severe are the fetal age less than 28 weeks at the birth date, weight less than 1000 g at the birth date, coexisting PDA and PH. For the identification of the maximum BPD severity is reasonable to use the method of the numerical score of the CT results of the chest organs in the age before 6 month.

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