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P299 Individual approach to preventive and therapeutic activities in preschool children with neurological symptoms
  1. Tsintsadze EG,
  2. Borisova MA,
  3. Belova EG
  1. Children, s diagnostic centre of the Pirogov National Medical and Surgical Centre, Moscow, Russian Federation


Introduction recently, vitamin-mineral therapy by increasingly applied in preschool children, mostly with prophylactic purpose. Pathogenetic application of these drugs is far less common and usually is associated with a lack of sufficient knowledge and personal experience.

Aim To prove the relationship between neurological symptoms and changes in the level of vitamins (in particular vitamin D) and minerals zinc, copper, phosphorus, magnesium in preschool children.

Materials and methods under our supervision were 40 preschoolers with various neurological symptoms: fatigue, eye tics, insomnia, reduced concentration, hyperactive behaviour, which, along with the traditional treatment received a course of vitamin-mineral therapy. Implemented standard clinical, immunological, biochemical and functional methods studies. All observed determined blood levels of vitamin D, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, copper.

Results among observed children in the study of blood trace elements and vitamin D, identified changes that differ significantly from the normal indicators. The obtained data allowed to pursue individual, taking into account the child’s age and weight, vitamin-and mineraloterapiju based on time of day, which was the most optimal for their synthesis. As a result, 95% have therapy children fewer complaints, 68% of children have, to varying degrees, have regressed neurological symptoms.

Conclusions 1. the appointment of vitamin-mineral complex should be individual (taking into account their content in the blood of the child), as well as adjusted based on time of day.

2. preventive measures individually on the composition of vitamin-mineral therapy will reduce the number of nootroponah and sedation in children of light with neurological symptoms.

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