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G165(P) Who does not attend diabetes clinic appointments and what is the effect on the HBA1C?
  1. J Saunders,
  2. J Yong
  1. Department of Paediatrics, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, Leeds, UK


Aims A service evaluation project to establish the scale, distribution and clinical impact of patients not attending paediatric diabetes clinic at a large teaching hospital.

Methods Data from the diabetes database about attendance at appointments, age and latest HbA1C result was examined for all children and young people who were invited to paediatric diabetes clinic between 1st of August and 31st October 2016. Analysis was performed to demonstrate those most likely to not attend their appointment, and the relationship of non-attendance with the clinical outcome measure of the HbA1C.

Results 388 patients were invited to 530 paediatric diabetes clinic appointments. Of these 283 (73%) attended all appointments, 52 (13%) cancelled a single appointment, and 53 (14%) cancelled multiple appointments or did not attend one or more appointments during the 3 month period. There was a higher rate of non-attendance or multiple cancellation of appointments in patients aged 16 or over (23%) than those aged 12–16 (10%) or under 12 (5.5%).Mean HbA1c result was higher in those who did not attend one or more appointments (78.3 mmol/mol) than those who attended (64.5 mmol/mol). Mean difference was 13.77 mmol/mol (95% CI 7.11 mmol/mol–20.43mmol/mol). When adjusted for age, there was no significant difference in the under 12 group, but a mean difference of 25.64 mmol/mol (95% CI 8.23 mmol/mol-43.05mmol/mol) in the 12–16 group and a mean difference of 7.44 mmol/mol (95% CI 1.01 mmol/ mol – 15.89 mmol/mol) in the 16+ group.

Abstract G165(P) Table 1

Conclusion 14% of patients cancel more than 1, or do not attend their paediatric diabetes clinic appointments. Adolescents aged 16 and over are most likely not to attend and children younger than 12 are most likely to attend. Children aged 12 and over who do not attend their clinic appointments have a higher HbA1C than children who attend.

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