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G52(P) Role of ADHD nurse
  1. C Jackson1,
  2. E Abbas2
  1. 1Royal Albert Edward Infirmary Hospital, Wigan, UK
  2. 2Wrightington Wigan and Liegh NHS Foundation Trust


Introduction Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most common and treatable neurodevelopmental disorder in childhood (1). The estimated UK prevalence of ADHD in children and adolescents is 3%–9%(2). The outcome for children with ADHD depends on early diagnosis and appropriate management. The annual cost to the NHS of a child with ADHD (£1310) has been shown to be significantly greater than one without ADHD (£328). In Wigan the ADHD service is provided by the community paediatrics.


  • 1) To evaluate ADHD specialist Nurse role

  • 2) To improve ADHD services

  • 3) To Support parents and patients

Method The ADHD specialist nurse appointed, April 2015. Working in partnership with WWL, Shire Pharmaceuticals Ltd part-funded the specialist nurse role within the ADHD service for six month.

Together we updated ADHD guideline per NIICE, ADHD information leaflet for parent and staff, ADHD assessment checklist, ADHD assessment proforma introduced. Contact numbers of various services available in Wigan was produced. GP Shared care protocols updated. ADHD study day was organised for 100 professionals. Various training sessions for staff.

A Small scale questionnaire, a total number of 17 parents/ carers and 7 staff of community child health team.

Results 100% of parent and staff found having contact with specialist nurse very helpful.

76% parents understood the ADHD assessment process .76% understands the process of prescription’s and Shared Care Agreement .76% found telephone contact very useful and 76% find it useful to speak to Specialist Nurse in-between clinical appointments. 70% found follow up telephone consultation very helpful and 66% said they will extremely recommend our service.

ADHD nurse had 325 contacts with GP, and answered over 1000 parents phone calls.

Conclusion The role has clearly demonstrated benefits for patients, parents, GPs, commissioners and the ADHD team. Since then we developed ADHD database. With 750 patients on ADHD medication. Keeping referral record. Of 420 referral for ADHD assessment. Working to have clinical coding and working with adult ADHD for transitional clinics. Following from the success of the specialist nurse ADHD role the post has received ongoing funding from WWL and there are plans to expand the number of nurses.

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