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PP-43 Pharmacogenomics factors relating to ibuprofen and acute kidney injury in paediatric patients: a systematic review
  1. Unsworth,
  2. Hawcutt
  1. University of Liverpool, LIVERPOOL, UK


Background Ibuprofen is associated with acute kidney injury (AKI), but there is marked inter-individual variation, with the majority unaffected but some with severe dam-age. The primary objective of this study was to establish if any previous studies have examined the potential phar-macogenomic associations between ibuprofen exposure and development of AKI in children using ibuprofen

Methods The search was initiated using search engines such as PubMed, Cinahl Plus and Cochrane, the key words and phrases were used, ‘Ibuprofen’, ‘Nephrotoxicity’ and ‘Pharmacogenomics.’ Advanced search, which allowed me to search multiple alternative key words, to ensure any available papers, were identified.

Results The PubMed search produced seven papers, which were all excluded as five were not ibuprofen and three were not relating to nephrotoxicity. Cochrane identified three papers, which were all excluded, as they were not specific to ibuprofen. The search terms had no results on Cinahl plus. This meant there was no sufficient evidence to evaluate the pharmacogenomic factors re-lating to Ibuprofen and Acute Kidney Injury in Paediatric patients.

Conclusion The search terms used were wide and in-clusive, so we believe it unlikely any studies were missed. This is a promising area for future research, although care will be needed in study design to exclude the influence of factors such as pyrexia and dehydration in the children affected.

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