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G177(P) Would a novel venepuncture tray be useful for paediatric patients?
  1. EM Strehle,
  2. A Kannan
  1. Paediatrics, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK


Aims Venepuncture and cannulation are common albeit difficult procedures in paediatrics. The problems arise due to patients’ smaller veins, the emotional distress caused and the increased chance of blood spillage when using open blood bottles. A novel venepuncture tray was designed to assemble and store blood collection equipment in an organised manner while performing these procedures. To assess the utility of the novel venepuncture tray in clinical practice.

Methods Over one month, paediatric doctors and nurses in a district general hospital were asked to use the tray when performing venepuncture or cannulation. They subsequently answered a questionnaire regarding their experience, which included an overall utility rating and free-text feedback.

Results Fifty-one questionnaires were completed. Each participant rated the tray on a scale of 1 (not useful) to 5 (extremely useful). Thirty-five respondents scored it 5 or 4, thirteen scored 3 and three scored 2 or 1. Positive feedback was on the ability to store blood bottles upright, thus preventing spills in an open blood collection system, and the plastic material, which enables reuse. Negative feedback centred on the relatively small size of the device, and the less pronounced advantages with a closed blood collection system used in older patients, where blood spill risk is minimal.

Conclusion The venepuncture tray was very positively received by paediatric healthcare professionals. Many said they would prefer to use it over a standard tray and called for it to be made available on the wards. Paediatric venepuncture and cannulation can be greatly improved by its introduction into widespread clinical practice.

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