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G636(P) Blended diets – a challenge at the coal face!
  1. S Thomas
  1. Family and Therapy Division, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, Newport, Wales, UK


Aims There is a growing interest from families of enterally fed children in the UK regarding the use of blended diet via a gastrostomy device as an alternative to commercially prepared feeds with some reported benefits from changing to this method of feeding including reduced reflux, improved bowel function and improvement in mood, hair and skin condition. The aim of the presentation is to describe how a Health Board has taken a collaborative approach to manage the risk and develop a multi-agency bespoke care plan to enable a child with complex health needs to receive this method of feeding at school.

Methods There is little published evidence regarding the benefits or risks of this practice; however children’s nurses are receiving requests from parents to administer the blended diet in the home and school setting. To support the child and family’s rights and wishes, a number of challenges and risks needed to be overcome and following Executive Board approval this was achieved through working in partnership with the family and education colleagues through development of a protocol and multiagency bespoke package of care.


  • Child is able to access school – receive ‘normal’ diet alongside peers

  • Delivering holistic care – education and social needs are being met as well as health needs

  • Challenged boundaries – barriers regarding organisational indemnity and training of non healthcare staff addressed and supported by Executive Team

  • Governance framework to support package of care

Conclusion The development of a patient centred approach through bespoke care and willingness to challenge boundaries and collaborative working has enabled us to support the wishes of families requesting the administration of a liquidised diet via a gastrostomy.

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