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G256(P) Good news! Resuscitation knowledge is improving
  1. E Hotson1,
  2. D Tuthill2,
  3. O Uzun2
  1. 1School of Medicine, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
  2. 2Children’s Hospital for Wales, Cardiff, UK


Aims Early intervention in acutely unwell children reduces morbidity and mortality. Previous studies have demonstrated inadequate resuscitation knowledge in UK and New Zealand. Since the national implementation of resuscitation courses, e.g. Advanced Paediatric Life Support in 1992, studies have demonstrated improved knowledge.

We aimed to ascertain the current knowledge of paediatric staff, by telephone questionnaire interviews.

Methods Data on resuscitation training, position, background and level of experience was collected. A 9-part questionnaire was devised based on our previous audit of theoretical scenarios to assess resuscitation knowledge of common paediatric emergencies. These included weight and endotracheal tube estimations for children of different ages, interosseous route as a method of intravascular access and fluid resuscitation in septic shock amongst others. Answers were validated against current resuscitation guidelines and a maximum score of 17 was possible. Participants completed the questionnaire by phone or in person where possible.

Results 54 paediatric staff from 8 hospitals completed the questionnaire. Overall, participants scored higher than the 1993 UK and 1998 New Zealand cohorts, bar the estimation of endotracheal tube sizing.

Those with non-specialist training posts, less experience and no paediatric postgraduate qualifications had significantly lower mean scores.

Conclusions Overall paediatric resuscitation knowledge has improved since the introduction of national resuscitation courses.

Abstract G256(P) Table 1

% correct answers by cohorts

Abstract G256(P) Table 2

Overall scores by paediatric posts, experience and post-graduate qualifications

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