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G226(P) Information videos for use within the Paediatric Emergency Department
  1. S Fissler,
  2. M Ryan
  1. Emergency Paediatrics, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool, UK


Aims Many children attend the emergency department for reasons other than an accident, emergency or general concern about their well-being or welfare. Current information comes in the form of leaflets assuming the reader has attained the national reading age and has full understanding of the material being presented. The primary aim of this study was to create a short patient and parent information video on a common problem seen in the paediatric emergency department and gain feedback on this prior to producing a library of videos. Secondarily it aims to reduce numbers of patients presenting with a problem that may be easily managed with advice and further understanding.

Methods Background research was undertaken using staff in a busy tertiary paediatric emergency department to determine the focus of information videos. A patient information video entitled ‘Coughs and colds’ was scripted, filmed and edited as a prototype to gain further feedback. Volunteers via the hospital ‘Patient forum’ then formed three focus groups (5–10 years, 10–16 years and adults) to provide both verbal and written feedback via a structured questionnaire. This information was then analysed using common theme analysis.

Results 100% (24/24) felt that having information videos in the emergency waiting rooms was a good idea. The majority felt they would like to see more videos (83%, 20/24) and 75% (18/24) of all age groups would rather watch videos over reading information leaflets (Figure 1). Common themes that emerged included the use of modern technology to make the videos more accessible and appealing. For example development of a website, mobile phone applications and touch screen computers. Several participants also felt it would be useful to have sign language/ videos translated into other languages.

Conclusion Further research will be sought following this feedback to find out what sources of information are currently being used prior to attending the emergency department. A library of videos will then be produced to provide a comprehensive library of information to patients, parents and carers for use within the paediatric emergency department. This will then be utilised with modern technology to target user groups in the most accessible way.

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