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  1. Rebecca Riddell,
  2. Anthony Lewis,
  3. David Tuthill
  1. Cardiff and Vale University Health Board


    Aim To produce a leaflet for parents and carers of children receiving parenteral nutrition (PN) explaining:

    ▸ What PN is

    ▸ Why it is given

    ▸ How it will be given

    ▸ Risks & Complications

    ▸ Other useful information

    ▸ Nutrition team contact information

    Current practice is for the nutrition team pharmacist to give a verbal account of the above information to parents/carers. It was felt that providing this information in a written format would introduce consisitency and allow parents/carers more time to take information on board.

    Method An internet search and discussions with other organisations with paediatric gastroenterology specialists was conduted to see if something similar was in existence. A similar information leaflet to what we hoped to produce was not found. Members of the paediatric nutrition team, which included consultants, nurse specialists, pharmacist and dietician, provided input to the type of information that should be included in the information leaflet. A first draft of the leaflet was produced and shown to the parents of current paediatric PN inpatients. Feedback was received and the leaflet updated following consultation with the nutrition team.

    Conclusion Production of a very useful information leaflet for parents/carers, containing all the relevant information and detail. The leaflet uses colour and pictures to aid the transfer of information and makes it more attractive to read. The pharmacist is the main point of contact for the paediatric nutrition team and will be the individual responsible for distributing them.

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