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G186(P) Multi-source feedback – does it really encourage change? a qualitative study exploring paediatric trainees’ perceptions of multisource feedback
  1. NL Amin1,
  2. S Uka2
  1. 1Paediatric Medicine, Leeds Children’s Hospital, Leeds, UK
  2. 2Paediatric Medicine, Calderdale Royal Hospital, Halifax, UK


Aims This project aimed to look at how multi-source feedback (MSF) is currently being used within Paediatric medicine. We hoped to explore the trainees’ perception of current feedback, and discuss how to maximise the formative potential of MSF for future years.

Methods This was a qualitative study, using questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. The population studied was ST4–6 Paediatric trainees in a single deanery. After questionnaire analysis a range of trainees were selected using purposeful sampling for more in-depth semi structured interviews. Thematic analysis was used for the analysis of interview transcripts and questionnaire responses.

Results Trainees valued some aspects of MSF, namely 1) the positive feedback it provides to trainees, 2) the opportunity for senior feedback and verbal discussion with supervisors. However all trainees felt that the full potential of MSF was not being fully realised, with concerns about 1) lack of meaningful feedback, 2) insufficient support to use feedback given, and 3) self-selection.

Conclusions The potential learning and development from MSF is not being optimised whilst it is in its current format. Trainees recognise the potential value of MSF, but at present the feedback is predominantly positive, and negative feedback received rarely translates into behavioural change. The need to end self-selection was repeatedly mentioned as crucial to encouraging the receipt of meaningful feedback, and the system needs to change to enable opportunities for giving and receiving meaningful feedback.

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