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G441(P) Please sir, which is the best school allergy care plan?
  1. JC Mack,
  2. MA Lewis,
  3. D Tuthill,
  4. E Spear
  1. General Paediatrics, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Cardiff, UK


Introduction Multidisciplinary allergy school care plans are important to manage children with allergies safely in school. They focus on allergen avoidance and treatment of reactions. The Cardiff children’s allergy service have developed and used their own plan for 20 years. A new national allergy care plan has been published by BSACI (British Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology).

Aim To compare Cardiff plan with the BSACI anaphylaxis plan.

Methods Based on the NICE guideline for Anaphylaxis (2011) recommendation on information provision, a questionnaire was devised auditing 9 different components of the care plans for clarity and effectiveness. We surveyed teachers, parents, and school nurses in person; respondents completed the questionnaire comparing the two plans. Parents and teachers data (non-healthcare professionals) was compared to school nurses. Data was analysed with Chi Squared analysis with P < 0.05 taken as significant.

Results There were 111 participants (31 teachers, 40 parents and 40 school nurses). The table shows respondents’ preferences. For brevity “not answered” and “no preference” responses are not shown.

Abstract G441(P) Table 1

Summary of reported care plan preference for each component

Conclusion Overall parents and teachers preferred the BSACI plan’s succinct format and Epipen usage explanation. In contrast school nurses preferred the Cardiff plan for the same reason! The Cardiff action plan was preferred by most respondents for its clearer documentation of identity, contact details, and parental consent. Teachers/ parents also preferred it for post Epipen advice. A revised national version with clearer contact details, better information on what to do after Epipen is administered and parental consent is required.

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