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G240(P) Competent ward co-ordinators-meeting training needs through simulation
  1. C Scaife,
  2. V Kellett,
  3. M October
  1. Nursing, Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield, UK


Aims Taking charge of a ward is daunting for newly qualified nurses.

This abstract describes the development of a ward co-ordinators competency pathway, written to support and develop band 5 paediatric nurses in a leadership role, following Trust workforce review re-defining the band 5 role, requiring them to co-ordinate on a shift basis, post-preceptorship.

The development of this pathway responded to the skill mix review comparing our nursing bands with other specialist children’s Trusts.1

Methods Review of national paediatric job descriptions and band 5 role. Trust band 5 job description rewritten against AFC national profile and matching other paediatric Trust band 5’s.

Consultation with other Trusts reviewing post-preceptorship training programmes for band 5 nurses.

Trust steering group consisting of educators and nurse managers to design a training programme enabling band 5 nurses to become competent practitioners.

Band 5 nurses consulted to determine their development needs for this challenging role.

Support gained from Trust Nursing Executive and Learning and Development Department.

Results This learning consists of a Trust designed bespoke training day utilising simulation to introduce band 5 nurses to both clinical and management scenarios, complementing an accompanying pathway/clinical competencies booklet to be completed with a “buddy” in their clinical workplace within a specific timeframe.

A local evaluation of the project shows that of 17 band 5 nurses who have completed the pathway, 9 are satisfied and 8 extremely satisfied with the efficacy of simulation day as a teaching method.

Conclusion The study day uses a blended learning approach utilising simulation, group work and role play and is facilitated by Clinical Nurse Educators, Matrons and Senior nurses.

Both the day and pathway document promote a reflective and interactive approach, highly valued by band 5 nurses going through the programme and has resulted in supported and competent ward co-ordinators.

We have developed a unique and cost effective pathway which can be adapted to meet varying clinical staff groups.

It encompasses modern technologies/teaching methods, resulting in essential staff development/retention and better patient safety.2


  1. Civil Eyes Research. Civil Eyes Research Project with Specialist Children’s Hospitals., 2010

  2. DoH 2011 – A Framework for Technology Enhanced Learning

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