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Severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome presenting with disseminated BCG infection
  1. Patrick Fitzpatrick1,
  2. Jane Leonard1,
  3. Eilis Twomey1,
  4. Andrea Malone1,
  5. Zohreh Nademi2,
  6. Michael Jackson3,
  7. Mario Abinun2,
  8. Timothy Ronan Leahy1,
  9. Patrick J Gavin1
  1. 1Children's University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland
  2. 2Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital Trust, Newcastle, UK
  3. 3Great North Children's Hospital, Newcastle, UK
  1. Correspondence to Patrick Fitzpatrick;

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A 4-month-old boy presented with fever, lethargy and irritability on a background of faltering growth. He was pale, febrile, in respiratory distress. He had red papular skin lesions on torso and a large discharging ulcer at BCG inoculation site (administered shortly after birth) (figure 1).

Figure 1

BCG inoculation site on left upper arm.

He was anaemic (haemoglobin 4.8 g/dL) and lymphopenic (1.16×109/L) …

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