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Paediatric exercise science and medicine (2nd edition)
  1. Dave Watkins
  1. Antrim Hospital, 45 Bush Road, Antrim BT41 2RL, UK;

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Neil Armstrong, Williem van Mechelen. 2008 Oxford University PressOxford, UK978-0-199232-48-2$98.50 pp 608, (hard cover).

Within the field of exercise science and medicine, research and evidence relating to children and adolescents forms an increasingly important area, particularly with the emphasis put on physical activity and sport as an essential component of the ongoing battle against obesity in many of the world's populations. This second edition of a very substantial textbook represents a large-scale collation of updated evidence in a great many detailed areas of research.

The book is divided into five sections, the headings of which being: assessment in exercise science; exercise physiology in relation to young people; inter-relations between physical activity, fitness and health; linkages between physical activity and a variety of chronic health conditions; physiology and injury management relating particularly to the elite young athlete.

Much of the book is aimed fair and square at the active researcher, and particularly the physiologist and sport scientist. …

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