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Domestic violence: What should paediatricians do?
  1. Rachel M Brooks (brooksrm1{at}
  1. Cardiff University, United Kingdom
    1. Alison M Mott (alison.mott{at}
    1. Cardiff and Vale NHS trust, United Kingdom


      This paper considers the response that is required by paediatricians to the increasingly recognised problem of Domestic Abuse. The evidence for the damage that living with abuse does to children is reviewed. In many areas midwives and health professionals in Accident and Emergency are beginning routine enquiry for domestic abuse. Police called to incidents where there are children in the family are informing health visitors. Paediatricians cannot ignore this problem and need to address it in the care of their patients. A Paediatrician's responsibility within the multi-agency context is set out. This is not only to act but also to ensure they can do so competently.

      • Child Abuse
      • Domestic Abuse
      • Domestic Violence
      • Routine Enquiry

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