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How has research in the last 5 years changed my clinical practice?
  1. Nicholas P Mann (npmann2{at}
  1. Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, United Kingdom


    Research leads to changes in our clinical practice but all doctors have different approaches to tackling the constant barrage of new information and evidence that becomes available. However those practitioners who are constantly changing treatments once they come across some new theory or research data may not necessarily be doing their patients a service. For example most paediatricians will take more notice of a randomised controlled trial about blood transfusion in a main stream journal such as BMJ rather than a single case report found in the Transylvanian Paediatric Transfusion journal. Teaching is useful for keeping up to date as it encourages one to find out latest developments furthermore junior doctors import new helpful techniques and ideas from other units where they have previously worked.

    • Tourette syndrome
    • congenital hypothyroidism
    • microalbuminuria
    • research
    • urine infection

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