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Violence against children: the UN Report
  1. Tony Waterston (a.j.r.waterston{at}
  1. Community Paediatric Department, Newcastle General Hospital, United Kingdom
    1. Jacqueline YQ Mok (jacqui.mok{at}
    1. Consultant Paediatrician, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, United Kingdom


      The UN Secretary General's report on violence against children was published in 2006 and provides an extensive and detailed account of the extent of violence around the world. The report examines violence in five sectors: the home, the school, the workplace, the community and the care and justice system. There was also wide consultation with children.

      Key findings are the global epidemic of violence against children, the limited degree of legislation against corporal punishment, the strong association of violence with poverty, the frequent reports of bullying in schools, the frequency of neglect of children in residential care, and the need to involve children and young people in finding solutions.

      Paediatricians have an important part to play in the prevention of violence against children.

      • UN
      • bullying
      • child abuse
      • violence

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