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Study of antibody titers after measles vaccination: Fever within seven days of vaccination and efficacy of booster doses
  1. Tsuneyoshi Egami (egami{at}
  1. EGAMI Children's Clinic, Japan
    1. Kimiyasu Egami (kegamih1{at}
    1. EGAMI Children's Clinic, Japan
      1. Akito Tanoue (atanoue{at}
      1. National Research Institute for Child Health and Development, Japan


        We investigated seroconversion rates in febrile children after measles vaccination. Among 6,364 vaccinees, 501 children had a temperature of 37.5°C or higher within 7 days of vaccination. The seroconversion rate assessed by a hemagglutination-inhibition assay was 76.6% in 501 febrile children, whereas it was 95.2% in 84 afebrile controls.

        • fever
        • measles
        • primary vaccine failure
        • upper respiratory infection
        • vaccination

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