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Facilitating and understanding the family’s choice of injection device for growth hormone therapy by using conjoint analysis
  1. S Faisal Ahmed (s.f.ahmed{at}
  1. Royal Hospital For Sick Children, United Kingdom
    1. Chris Blamires
    1. 2. Decision Modelling Consultancy Ltd, United Kingdom
      1. Wilma Smith
      1. Royal Hospital For Sick Children, United Kingdom


        Background: Conjoint analysis involves the measurement of consumer preferences between choice alternatives.

        Aims & Objectives:To investigate the use of conjoint analysis in facilitating and understanding choice of growth hormone injection devices.

        Method and Subjects:Fifty-six patients and their parents participated in an electronic, computer-based interview. The interview took a median time of 18mins (range, 12-30), and allowed an immediate matching of injection devices to the family’s preferences.

        Results:Amongst the key drivers of choice, lack of bruising was rated highest and designated an index of 100. Compared to this, the remaining attributes in order of desirability were: auto-injector (98), lack of pain (93), light-weight (88), silent (82), ready-mixed (77), ease of holding (69), telephone help-line (66), needle free (62), small size (60), nurse support (47), hidden needle (45), stored in fridge (13), home delivery (6). Out of the 17 families who had already chosen a device previously by discussion with the clinic nurse, the computer model placed their device either as first or second out of seven devices tested.

        Conclusion:Adaptive or interactive conjoint analysis applied at the patient level, can facilitate the choice-making process whilst providing an insight into the relative importance of the key features that influence choice.

        • adherence
        • choice
        • therapy

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