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Congenital candidiasis presenting as septic shock without rash
  1. Kathryn A Browning Carmo (k.carmo{at}
  1. Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Australia
    1. Nick Evans
    1. Newborn Care and University of Sydney, Australia
      1. David Isaacs
      1. Children's Hospital at Westmead, Australia


        Congenital candidiasis is rare and often benign. We report 32 week gestation twins born with different manifestations of congenital candidiasis. One twin was born well though neutropenic, and died from overwhelming sepsis with septic shock at 22 hours. The other twin presented with a delayed onset of rash at 2 days, remained well and survived.

        • chorioamnionitis
        • congenital candidiasis
        • neonate
        • sepsis
        • septic shock

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