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Prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk in Ontario adolescents
  1. Andreas D. Flouris (aflouris{at}
  1. Dalhousie University, Canada
    1. Corey H. Canham
    1. Brock University, Canada
      1. Brent E. Faught (brent{at}
      1. Brock University, Canada
        1. Panagiota Klentrou (nota.klentrou{at}
        1. Brock University, Canada


          We assessed traditional cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors in 3293 Canadian adolescents [age:14.1(SD0.6)years; BMI:23.0(SD6.3)]. Prevalence for obesity, borderline-hypertension, and hyperlipemia was 23.7(CI1.5)%, 9.1(CI1.0)%, and 9.7(CI1.0)%, respectively, with increased estimates in children with low cardiorespiratory fitness (p<0.05). Participants demonstrated increased CVD risk, highlighting placement of adolescents in preventive CVD programs’ forefront.

          • blood pressure
          • body fat
          • cholesterol
          • clinical obesity
          • physical activity

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