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PO-0961 Patient Feedback Matters-facilitating In A Paediatric Ambulatory Unit Setting
  1. AM McClean,
  2. JS Woodside,
  3. M Anandarajan,
  4. K Dunlop,
  5. K Orr,
  6. R Kelly
  1. Paediatrics, Ulster Hospital, Belfast, UK


Background and aims Service review work in 2013 revealed that Ulster Hospital paediatric ambulatory unit was receiving low numbers of written feedback from families compared to paediatric and neonatal wards. Aims were to improve patient feedback in paediatric ambulatory unit and to utilise feedback to aid delivery of safe, high quality care.

Methods An anonymised feedback and comment card was given to all patients attending the unit over a 4 week period in December 2013. This card allowed parents and patients to rate 5 aspects of care (staff attitude, communication, response to / disruption to child’s needs and respect) from 1(least satisfied) to 5 (most satisfied). Organisational strategies were put in place following the initial audit and cycle completed by re-auditing for 4 weeks in February 2014.

ResultsDuring the initial 4 week period, 24 cards were received and during the period of re-audit, 28 cards were received. This compared with 1 letter of feedback every 4 weeks prior to introduction of the card. 94% of feedback was in the most satisfied category. Written feedback has been instrumental in structuring and planning of service delivery.

Conclusions The introduction of feedback card led to significant increase in written feedback and helped in re-shaping delivery of care by working with patients. Ongoing use of the feedback card will ensure continued restructuring of the service and review of training needs taking into account patients perspectives and placing patients at the heart of delivery of safe, effective care.

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