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PO-0947 Establishing Multidisciplinary Medical Ethics And Law Training In A Children’s Hospital
  1. H Turnham,
  2. J Brierley
  1. Paediatric Intensive Care, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK


Introduction Legal and ethical controversies are commonly encountered by staff working in hospitals for children and continued education in these is important.1 The multidisciplinary team includes social workers and religious leaders amongst others. However, education in medical law and ethics is not often delivered in a multidisciplinary setting.

Following a successful season of small group sessions introducing legal and ethical topics to junior doctors, it became clear that there was wider interest within the hospital.

The advantage of teaching ethics and law in small groups is the participation of the audience who offer fresh perspectives. We wanted to develop a system to teach larger, multidisciplinary audiences while maintaining audience participation.

Methods A series of six interactive lectures was delivered by a mix of medical, legal and religious speakers. Live audience response system (ARS) was utilised to gauge real time reactions to ethical and legal problems. We also used the ARS to evaluate audience feedback.

Results Of attendees 55% were clinical, 36% non clinical and 9% students. 91% regularly or occasionally faced ethical challenges at work. 89.5% would recommend the lectures to a colleague and 87.4% were inspired to learn more about medical law and ethics.

Conclusion Both clinical and non-clinical professionals face ethical and legal problems as a team and have an interest in continued education. Delivering training to a large multidisciplinary team with limited resource’s while maintaining group interaction is a challenge. We were able to deliver a successful, interactive, multidisciplinary lecture series using an ARS.

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