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PO-0894 My Hands Clean, I Am Healthy
  1. M Uzun1,
  2. A Gündogdu2,
  3. F Yilmaz3,
  4. M Kar3,
  5. C Karasakal3
  1. 1Child Health and Illnesses Nursing, Bulent Ecevit University, Zonguldak, Turkey
  2. 2Nursing, Eregli Educational and Research Hospital, Zonguldak, Turkey
  3. 3Nursing, Bulent Ecevit University Zonguldak School of Health, Zonguldak, Turkey


Background and aims Hygen education is one of the most important self-care activity in pre-school children. We can protect the chilrens from mycrobic diseases by teaching the principles of hand hygene, toilet hygene and bathing. The purpose of the study is teaching true techniques of hand washing, rules of toilet and bathing hygene to pre-school children.

Methods This study performed with 150 pre-school children between the age of 3–6 during the Child Health and Illnesses Nursing Course. Four nursing students prepared a powerpoint presentation about microbes, preventions, hand, bathing, toilet hygene by the help of their lecturer. They presented powerpoint presentation to the pre-school students, next showed videos about hand, toilet and bath hygene, learnt true hand washing technique by demonstration.

Results Although benefits of hygene and harm of microbes learning ability of children changed according to the age most of the students achieved the goals of the studies. 90% of 4 years of students washed their hands in true technique, 80% of 5 years old students obeyed hygyene rules for toilet and bathing and 73% of 6 years old students count the benefits of hygene and harm of microbes.

Conclusion The learning activities of children can be supported by explanation, demostration and application. Nursing students can perform great role on teaching the subjects regarding protection and promoting of health. If the student see the true role model behind them, they can learn true activity easily.

  • Pre-school children
  • nursing students
  • health protection
  • health promoting

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