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PO-0421 Cranial Ultrasound Findings In Asymptomatic Full Term Infants
  1. P Mazmanyan1,
  2. V Kerobyan1,
  3. K Nikoghosyan2
  1. 1Department of Neonatology, Research Centre of Maternal and Child Health, Yerevan, Armenia
  2. 2Department of Neonatology, Yerevan State Medical University, Yerevan, Armenia


Background There has been no study assessing cranial ultrasound (cUS) scans in well newborn infants in Armenia. Our study objective was to assess the cUS scans of asymptomatic term newborns in postnatal ward and identify CUS abnormalities by using high quality ultrasound.

Methods Cohort of otherwise healthy term newborns born between 20 March 2013 and 26 April 2013 in RCMCHP, Yerevan, Armenia, were scanned by single investigator (PM) accordingly a standart protocol using zone ultra Convertible Ultrasound System machine with a 7.5 frequency microconvex C9–4t tightly curved array transducer.

Results Data from 121 infants scanned at a median age of 2.5 postnatal days were analysed. Mean birth weight was 3357 g (± 401), gestational age - 39.6 weeks (± 0.7), Apgar score at 1st and 5th minutes - 9, number of males - 67 (55%) and twins - 4 (3.3%). Majority of infants were born by spontaneous cephalic mode - 85%, emergency and planned C - sections were performed respectively in 7% and 8% of cases.

Only 79% of scans were considered normal. Most frequent finding was lenticulostriate vasculopathy found in nine infants (7.4%). Isolated focal peritrigonal white matter echogenicity was seen in eight (6.6%), subependymal pseudocysts in two (1.6%), choroid plexus cysts in three (2.5%) and lateral ventricle asymmetry in four (3.3%) infants.

Conclusions We did not find any correlation between perinatal data and cUS findings. Asymptomatic term Armenian newborns in 21% of cases had abnormalities on cUS. This study can provide data for comparison with findings in sick and premature infants from similar population.

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