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PO-0249 Medical Treatment Of Hydatid Cysts: About 6 Cases
  1. L Sfaihi,
  2. Y Belfitouri,
  3. S Ben Ameur,
  4. S Alibi,
  5. I Maaloul,
  6. TH Kamoun,
  7. M Hachicha
  1. Pediatrics, Hédi Chaker University Hospital, Sfax, Tunisia


Background and aims Hydatidosis is a common parasitic disease which is still endemic in Tunisia. Treatment is usually surgical. Medical treatment is rarely recommended. The aim of our study is to evaluate follow-up and response to medical treatment in patients affected by hydatid cystis (HC).

Methods We conducted a retrospective study about all cases of HC treated by albendazole in paediatrics department of Hedi Chaker University Hospital in Sfax over a period of 10 years (2004–2013).

Results We report 6 cases of HC treated medically. Ages ranged between 2 and 8 years. Diagnosis was based on laboratory and imaging studies. Hydatid cystis had multiple localizations in all of cases: multiple hepatic HC (1 case), bilateral pulmonary HC (1 case), hepatic and pulmonary HC (1 case), hepatic and splenic HC, hepatic, splenic and renal HC and hepatic, pulmonary, cardiac and pancreatic HC. All patients were treated with Albendazole (10 mg/kg/day during 6 to 24 months). Surgical treatment was associated in 4 cases. The outcome was favourable in all cases.

Conclusions Surgery remains the ideal treatment for hydatid cysts. However, medical treatment with albendazole can be efficient and can, in some circumstances, replace surgery especially in case of multiple locations.

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