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PS-368 12 Years Data On Resistance Pattern Of Uropathogens
  1. M Ahmed,
  2. DN Sobithadevi,
  3. R Chakupurakal
  1. Paediatrics, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Burton on Trent, UK


Background Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a common bacterial infection in infants and children. Traditionally, Trimethoprim has been the first line antibiotic of choice for the treatment of Coliform UTI. Empirical antibiotic treatment in UTI in children should be based on local surveillance data on the epidemiology and resistance patterns of common uropathogens. This has been endorsed in the guideline on UTI in children by National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in the UK.

Aim To evaluate the resistance pattern to commonly used antibiotics in children with culture proven UTI.

Methods We retrospectively analysed all cases with proven UTI from 2002–2013. Cases were identified by the clinical coding system and data obtained from the Hospital Information Support System.

Results 1151 cases were identified; 95% (1090/1151) had pure growth of E.coli. Microbiology results were analysed to evaluate the sensitivities to commonly used antibiotics. Increasing resistance to Trimethoprim (TMP) and Co-Amoxiclav was observed during 2002–2008. Change in antibiotic policy has resulted in some decline in TMP resistance (Table below) over the recent years.

Abstract PS-368 Table 1

Conclusion This comprehensive data on children with culture proved UTI supports the use of cefalexin as empirical treatment of choice for all presumed UTIs (pending culture results) in our region. Alternatively, TMP can be used (provided that urine sensitivity is known before commencing antibiotic treatment) if it is sensitive to coliform. It is vital to continue to monitor the resistance pattern to ensure early identification of emergence of drug resistance.

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