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G176(P) Child Protection Medical Questionnaire Feedback: June–November 2013
  1. B Lee
  1. Community Paediatric Medical Team, Whittington NHS Trust, Tottenham, London, UK


Aim and method It is recognised that child protection medical is a time of potential anxiety and distress for children of all ages. In order to gain insight into some of their experiences, a questionnaire audit was carried out over the period of June to November 2013 where children were asked to complete one of two questionnaires depending on their age: under/over 8 year’s questionnaire. The content of the questionnaires covered the following: arrival, waiting, seeing the doctor, and lastly their overall experience.

Results With the completion of 42 questionnaires, children replied positively about their experiences during the CP medicals, with majority feeling that the doctor helped them. Some children did report feeling embarrassed/shy and preferred seeing the same-sex doctor. Children over 8 years preferred to have more age-appropriate activities.

Conclusion Child Protection Medicals can have a positive impact on children. With a positive atmosphere to play and relax in and speaking to a doctor about their experiences can help alleviate potential anxiety in children. With the purpose of service development, continual completion of questionnaires will allow to be mindful of children’s experience at what is potentially a very stressful time. This will also enable to improve the service to children and young people to meet their needs.

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