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280 Analysis of NEC Inducing Factors of Preterm under 1500g
  1. JH Jeon1,
  2. SY Bak2
  1. 1Neonatology
  2. 2Pediatrics, CHA Kangnam Medical Center, CHA University, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Background and Aim NEC (Necrotizing Enterocolitis) is Various degrees of mucosal or transmural necrosis of the intestine and the most common life-threatening emergency of the gastrointestinal tract in the newborn period. Recently, Transfusion is reportred increased odds ratio of NEC after trasnfusion of red blood cells in premature infants.

We studied to investigate the relationship between the NEC inducing factors in preterm under 1500g and red blood cell transfusion.

Method We analized Preterm infants(n=180) under 1500g who were admitted at at Kangnam CHA Hospital NICU from January 2006 to december 2009. Preterm infants (G.A:24+6 wk ~35+4wk, B.W 740 g ~1490 g) were grouped NEC group(n=18, ≥ Stage 2b) and No-NEC group (n=162, < Stage 2b). NEC group was defined more stage 2b by modified Bell’s criteria. No-NEC group was defined under stage 2b. Statistics analysis used t-test, cross-tab, logistic regression by SPSS 12.0.

Result NEC group (n=18, 27.61±2.15 wk, 1027.78±343.57 g) was singnificant in Apgar(1min)(3.33±1.5 vs 4.39±1.6, p=0.01), Apgar(5min)(5.67±1.64 vs 6.45±1.41, p=0.03) score and RDS (100% vs 80.9%, p=0.04) with No-NEC group(n=162, 28.96±2.98 wk, 1134.2±271.36 g). Transfusion was not significant between NEC group (89%) and No-NEC group(77%). By multivariate logistic regression, gestation age and ventilator duration was correlation with NEC. The odds ratio of transfusion was 1.211 (95%CI: 0.377~3.887, p=0.748) after adjustment of gestation age and Apgar score.

Abstract 280 Table 1

Clinical Characteristics of Preterm Infants

Conclusion Apgar score and RDS was significant correlation with NEC. Transfusion was not significant correlation with NEC.

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