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270 H1N1 Pandemic: Comparison of the Clinic Presentation between Canada and France in Critically Ill Children
  1. O Fléchelles1,2,
  2. O Brissaud3,
  3. R Fowler4,
  4. P Jouvet1 Canadian Critical Care Trials Group H1N1 Collaborative Group and Groupe Francophone de Réanimation et Urgences Pédiatriques
  1. 1Pediatrie, CHU Sainte-Justine, Montréal, QC, Canada
  2. 2Service de Réanimation Néonatale et Pédiatrique, CHU de Martinique, Fort de France
  3. 3Pediatrie, CHU Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France
  4. 4Critical Care, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada


Background and Aims The 2009 H1N1 pandemic (pH1N1) induced a large number of admissions of children in pediatric intensive care units (PICU). The objective of this study was to compare the severity of the 2nd wave of pH1N1 between France and Canada.

Methods All patients admitted to a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) in Canada (PICU=16) and France (PICU=25) between October 1st 2009 and January 31st 2010, with a documented H1N1 infection were included.

Results 160 children in Canada (prevalence = 2.6/100 000 children) and 125 children in France (prevalence = 1.6/100,000), were hospitalized in SIP. pH1N1 incidence curve was different in the two countries (figure). pH1N1 acute respiratory failure was more severe in France, with a lower incidence, and a low vaccination rate (Table).

Abstract 270 Table 1

Comparison Canada-France: main Results

Abstract 270 Figure 1

Admission PICU per week

Conclusion pH1N1 2nd wave was different between Canada and France. The low vaccination rate in France is associated with an increase in severity but non in incidence.

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