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242 Screening Assessment of Psychomotor Development of Preschool Children in Vlora-Albania. A Cross-Sectional Study During July 2011–February 2012
  1. A Saliaj
  1. Mother & Child Care Department, Faculty of Public Health, University of Vlora, Vlora, Albania


Background The assessment of psychometric parameters is an important part of growth&development evaluation of preschool children. The contributing factors of psychomotor functions are parents’ Socio-Economic Status (SES), mother(teacher)/child interaction and environmental quality play. It’s important to evaluate the weak points of this particularly neglected aspect of child development in Vlora-Albania.

Aim Assessment of the most problematic areas of psychomotor development of children in Vlora-Albania and distribution of psychometric parameters according to the quality of care&learning environment and to SES of children’s parents.

Methods This cross-sectional study included all the 75 preschoolers enrolled in two kindergartens and the institutionalized children in Foster-Care, Vlora-Albania. The evaluation of psychomotor development was done based on the standard international test of Age&Stage Questionnaires-3, referring to children chronological age. Evaluation of child care & learning environment was done according to ECERS-R (Early-Care-Environment-Rate-Scale). Socio-economic status distribution was based on father’s occupation and classified on European Socio-Economic Classification (E-SEC).

Abstract 242 Table 1

The psycho-motor development according to ECERS-R

Results In this study we found that 57% of 63 kindergarten preschoolers had at least one problematic psychometric parameter and all the ones in Foster-Care had at least one also. The most problematic item at the kindergarten preschoolers was Personal-Social sector, and at the Foster-Care children was Communication. The highest percentage (75%) of delays of psychometric parameters was found at children whose fathers’ SES belong to class VII (semi-routine occupations).

Conclusions A significant number of preschoolers and all institutionalized children at Vlora-Albania have abnormal psychometric parameters. A better quality of care&play environment leads to less delays at psychomotor development.

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