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1886 Perceptions of Formalized Care Conferences in a NICU
  1. SN Bojesen
  1. Neonatal Care Unit E 110 N, Herlev Hospital, Herlev, Denmark


Background Implementation of family-centered care (FCC) involves a culture change in relation to nursing structure and method and have great influence on both the physical and psychological environment. Literature shows a connection between physical layout and FCC and a movement of the balance of power and the communication between parents and staff, when the principles of FCC are conducted. The challenges for staff has many facets, ranging from being a guest in the room, to be monitored in action and skills to use appreciative communication. Collaboration and commincation with the parents is decisive.

Aim To explore the perception of formalized care conferences and possible increased parental satifaction and wellbeing.

Methods Structured interviews with mothers, special “Go-karts” and journalaudits on done formalized care confernces.

Results Our survey showed overall a great deal of parental satisfaction but a big differens in the perception of the conferences between staff and mothers. In spite the staff ranked the conferneces “formalized and performed”, the mothers didn’t experienced the conferences like that - mainly because the majority of the conferences took place nearby the child and randomly. The mothers had a desire for more equal presence to communicate freely.

Conclusions Despite great insight, tools and understanding of the importance of the formalized care conferences, is it difficult for the staff to carry out the conferences as intended. This has revealed the necessity of illuminate the barriers and challenges staff experience in planning and conducting formalized care conferences, which has lead to a new project just started.

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