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1882 The Effect of Open and Closed Endotracheal Suction Systems in Intubated Neonates in 2012
  1. P Taheri
  1. Pediatric Nursing Department, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran


Background The study aimed to review the effect of two open and close suctioning methods on respiratory parameters of infants undergoing mechanical ventilation.

Methods In this cross-sectional clinical trial study, forty-four infants among the infants underwent mechanical ventilation in NICU of Isfahan’s Al-Zahra Hospital were selected by simple continuous sampling method. The samples randomly divided into two groups. In the first group; first, open suctioning and then after three hours of cleaning, closed suctioning was done and in the second group, first closed suctioning and after three hours of cleaning, open suctioning was implemented and respiratory rate (RR) and percentage of arterial blood oxygen saturation was reviewed and compared before, during and after each type of suctioning. Data were analyzed using ANOVA with repeated measures and independent t-test through Software SPSS16.

Results There was a significant difference between mean respiratory rate and arterial blood oxygen saturation in infants before, during and after the closed and open suctioning. The percentage of arterial blood oxygen saturation had a significant reduction in open method compared to closed method on the same time and immediately after suctioning and RR in 3 minutes after suctioning in both steps in open method.

Conclusion Results showed that close method causes fewer changes in hemodynamic status of infants. Therefore, in order to prevent from respiratory complications in infants, nurses are recommended to perform the endotracheal tube suctioning in closed method.

Keywords Respiratory rate; ventilation, neonate, suction

Keywords: Respiratory rate; ventilation, neonate, suction

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