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1869 Mothers’ Perceived Family Support and Affecting Factors in Postpartum Period
  1. N Çınar,
  2. D Köse,
  3. S Altınkaynak
  1. Department of Child Health Nursing, Sakarya University School of Health Sciences, Sakarya, Turkey


Background and Aim Having a new baby, mothers need the support of relatives due to they often live stress or sometime faced with difficult situations. The study was done as descriptive in order to determine mothers’ perceived family support and affecting factors in postpartum period.

Methods Sample of the study was consisted with 140 volunteer mothers in Sakarya. The data were collected using a questionnaire developed by researchers and “Perceived Social Support from Family Scale” (PSS-Fa) developed by Procidana and Hellen (1983) and also validity and reliability made by Eskin (1993).

Results Most of the mothers were determined as 75.7% (n=106) between the ages of 21–35, 87 and 48.6% (n=68) primary school graduates. The mean total score of the scale was determined as 14.04±4.29 (min=1, max=20). When compared a total score received from the scale with the economic situation of families; Family support were determined as higher (F=16.014 p=0.000) in families with moderate and good economic situation compared to the bad economic situation. Between perceived family support and the number of children showed a significant relationship (F=3.462 p=0.010). It is determined that when the number of chilren was increased family support was reduced. Relationship between mother’s age, employment status and perceived family support were determined as not statistically significant (respectively F=.554 p=0.576, t=0.335 p=0.738).

Conclusion Mothers in bad economic situation and having more number of children found low perceived family support is remarkable case.

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