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1861 Evaluating The Experience of Using Online Blended Learning During Induction Programme for Nurses in a Level 3 Neonatal Unit
  1. BS Mathew
  1. Neonatal, Homerton University Hospital City University, London, UK


Background and Aims The Department of Health has published guidances to help the NHS improve the care provided for premature and sick babies. However, a report by BLISS, the baby charity highlighted a shortage of specialist neonatal nurses within the UK. This often results in recruitment of in-experienced workforce who lack necessary knowledge and skills to perform safely in their workplace. This paper presents qualitative findings from a study which evaluated blended learning approach used in an induction programme for such novice nurses. The aim of the study was to explore registered nurses’ experience on the use of blended learning.

Methods The study employed a mixed method approach and collected data from 20 newly recruited nurses using purposive sampling. Data were collected using questionnaires and semi structured interviews. Data analysis was by thematic content analysis.

Results The analysis of data revealed that nurses had a positive and satisfactory experience of using online blended learning which has enabled them to adapt to the new environment quickly. Most of them did not have previous online learning experience but wanted this to be implemented in future education programmes. The major barriers faced by the nurses participating in online learning were lack of time and motivational factors.

Conclusion Using social networking as a learning tool has a great potential in supporting nurses to develop their knowledge and skills. Advance planning and preparation are essential to enhance the quality of their learning experience.

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